Opening up the sunset view over the lake



From the outside looking in...

From the inside looking out...

Mr. Kuga, the roofer dude

The 'White Room' before, and the 'Not-So-White Room' after!

Before (looking through into the kitchen)  After

Before (towards the small front window)

Before (towards one of the entrances)  After

Before (towards the same entrance)  After

Golden Week Progress

Here's a selection of "before" and "after" pics of the work John and I did over Golden Week:

 After cutting the trees and removing the rotted out lean-to behind the outbuilding:

Clearing the garden to reveal the original paving stones that pass over the pond and lead up to the entrances:

The freshly cleared out pond... Just gotta find its source of water now!

The room next to the Kitchen/ Dining area before and after removing the wall and ceiling coverings retrofitted in the early 70s (I know this because I found a calendar from 1969 stuffed in the roof space to prevent drafts):

Outbuilding business...

Spent last weekend cutting back wildly overgrown trees and shrubs, and removing the plastic roof extension on the outbuilding. Got up onto the first level of the roof and cleared up the broken tiles and whatnot, but couldn't face getting up onto the top level. Was able to get a closer look at the extent of the damage though. I'm either going to have to rig up some kind of scaffolding and attempt the repairs myself, or call in the experts if the work is beyond me. Here's a couple of before and after pics. Does it look better?

My Edo-period 'Kominka' (2011)

I bought this 250-year old 'kominka' in 2005 and spent 5+ years restoring it to as close as possible to its original condition (with the exception of the more modern section). Its thatched roof is still intact beneath the metal tile covering. This is a random collection of photos I took on the day we moved out.